KORMARINE 2019년 10월 22일 (화) - 25(금)


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In its 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in software, services and data analysis for the maritime industry; providing data-led solutions for safety, efficiency and productivity in both ship design and operations.

NAPA design solutions offer a comprehensive toolset for flexible 3D modeling and ship stability analysis, tools for designing eco-efficient and safe hull forms for real sea conditions, and efficient and easy 3D structural design for reliable weight calculation, class approval drawings and FEM.

NAPA solutions for ship operations include data management & analysis and performance monitoring and optimization tools to increase safety, fuel efficiency and sustainability of a ship or fleet. Safety solutions assist in safe and optimal loading and offer integrated decision support tools for stability.

NAPA operates in 11 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and has 420 user organizations for its design solutions and over 2500 installations onboard.


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  • NAPA is the trusted, complete design platform for initial & basic design of any ship type. Our 3D modeling and design functionalities can be adapted to your design process.

    Ship operation solutions help you to monitor, plan, analyze and optimize safety, stability and performance of your fleet.