KORMARINE 2019년 10월 22일 (화) - 25(금)


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Marbiss is mainly focusing on the sales agency business for foreign equipments, which are needed when building all kinds of commercial vessels as well as for offshore projects, to be supplied well to Korean shipbuilding companies.
Our business part includes a whole process and tasks needed when our principals have Initial meeting with technical sales team, price negotiation with purchasing team, detailed design meeting, installation and sea-trial.


  • 제품명 : Clean Marine (Norway)
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)
    - IMO Annex VI sulfur regulation calls for a 0.1% sulfur limit in Emission Control Areas (ECA) by 2015 and a worldwide limit of 0.5% by 2020, or 2025 at the latest
  • 제품명 : GME (Korea) & Light Structures (Norway)
  • Measure Stresses, Torsions, caused by Waves, Cargo Operations and Motions
    - Shaft Torque Meter
    - Ship Performance Monitoring System
    - Hull Stress Monitoring System: Electric Type & Fiber Optic Type
  • 제품명 : Henri System Holland (Netherlands)
  • LNG & LPG Float Type Tank Level Gauging System
    - Basically spring motor driven instrument
    - Small and light float as level sensing element
    - Remote Level Indicator
  • 제품명 : Passer Marine (Norway)
  • LNG B-Type Tank Design and Spray Foam Type Insulation for LNG, LEG, LPG Tank
    - The system that spraying polyurethane foam on the tank surface to achieve a continuous and homogenous insulation.
  • 제품명 : PnC Tech Busan (Korea)
  • PP-R plastic pipes & fittings according to DIN standards

    Silicone type sealing compound for Multi Cable Transits (PENESEAL PS-100A)
    - A-0 & A-60 fire class of bulkhead & deck penetrations