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Leistritz SEA Pte. Ltd.

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Leistritz is a leading screw pump manufacturer, offering screw pumps and customized solutions for all applications. Perfect technology, strict quality management and environmental compliance are the basis of the worldwide known LEISTRIZ pump reliability. The first screw pumps were manufactured by LEISTRITZ in 1924 and still today the customers appreciate the optimized life cycle costs and high availability of LEISTRITZ screw pumps. Our service centres are located in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. Screw pumps for low and high viscous liquids. Screw pumps are used for the transport of low or high viscous products with lubricating and/or abrasive characteristics as well as aggressive and shear sensitive liquids. The typical characteristics of LEISTRITZ screw pumps are long service life, high efficiency and low noise. The quality assurance meets the highest international standards.


  • 제품명 :
  • LEISTRIZ pump program
    L2-Series: for the low pressure range up to 16 bar.
    L3-Series: for the low and high pressure range up to approx. 250 bar.
    L4-Series: up to a pressure range of 40 bar.
    L5-Series: in the low pressure range up to 10 bar.
    MPP-Series: up to a differential pressure of approx. 100 bar