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Rubber Design B.V.

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Noise and vibration are part of our daily life’s. Rubber Design, established in 1979, can remedy this by supplying passive as well as active insulations in order to isolate the sources of such disturbances.
As a leading force in offering solutions for vibration and shock control related problems, Rubber Design develops products for all types of applications in the maritime and industrial sector. Our engine mountings are used by many engine manufacturers for the flexible support of main and auxiliary engines and generator sets to reduce structure borne noise.
Due to unique alliance with the specialized production & engineering company Biezepol, Rubber Design is able to offer the customer a complete product. Apart from designing, engineering and manufacturing, Rubber Design also tests products in a state of the art Test-LAB.
With all this knowledge at Rubber Design, we are able to develop products with an exceptionally high standard, resulting in complete customer satisfaction


  • 제품명 :
  • The FPT Seal is a flexible fireproof deck and bulkhead pipe passage, developed at Rubber Design. The FPT seal, A60 class rated thus fireproof for 60 minutes at 1000°C, is supplied with Lloyds and MED certification according latest IMO resolutions, for pipe diameters up to a unique maximum of 1820mm.
  • 제품명 :
  • The MecLev® is an adjustable and re-usable steel mounting chock, that can be used for mounting all types of rotating or critically aligned machinery. The MecLev® is a mechanical stiff chock that is very easy to install and makes machinery alignment more simple, accurate and quick!