KORMARINE October 22-25, 2019 / BEXCO in BUSAN

Participation policy and Agreement

Article 1 (Definition of Terms) 1. "Exhibitor" refers to the company, association, and entity that paid the deposit together with the application for participation (contract) to participate in this exhibition. 2. 'Exhibition' refers to a ‘home/table deco fair’ 3. "Organizer" refers to Reed K. Fairs Ltd. Article 2 (Participation application and contract) 1. Those who wish to apply for the exhibition must fill out a specific application and submit it to the Organizer within seven days of submission, paying 50% of the participation fee as a deposit. The balance of the participating fee must be paid by the deadline specified in the contract. 2. The Organizer may terminate the participation contract if the exhibitor does not pay the balance within the deadline, in which case the exhibitor cannot request the return of the participation fee already paid. Article 3 (Allotment of booth) 1. The Organizer allocates the booth location according to the order of payment of the contract, and the booth location is allocated considering scale of exhibition and exhibition items for exhibition effect and convenience of visitors. Booth allotment is the organizer's unique authority and organizer may vary the booth allotment depending on the circumstances. Article 4 (Installation and Withdrawal) 1. Installation and withdrawal should be completed within the period specified by the Organizer, and the exhibitor should compensate the Organizer for the loss due to delay. Article 5 (Exhibition Management) 1. The exhibitor should display the exhibition items specified in the participating contract and place resident staff to ensure full control of their booth. 2. The Organizer may order immediate suspension, withdrawal, and removal if the exhibitor displays exhibition items different from the exhibition items specified in the participating contract or exhibition items that do not conform to the nature of the exhibition. In this case, the participation fee will not be returned and the exhibitor will not be entitled to claim compensation. 3. The exhibitor may not assign all or part of the allocated exhibition area to a third party without the written consent of the organizer. 4. The exhibitor may not alter the floor, ceiling, or column walls of the exhibition room, and should compensate the organizers for damages by taking proper measures such as restoration. 5. The exhibition item can only be placed within the space of the rented exhibition area, and the organizer has the authority to impose sanctions on the exhibition when the area is over-installed. Article 6 (Penalty for cancellation of participation and reduction of scale) 1. If the exhibitor cancel or reduce scale of the exhibition after submission of the Participating contract, the exhibitor should pay the following penalty to the Organizer within 15 days of cancellation of participation. The paid participation fee is deducted from the cancellation fee, additional payment is required in case of shortage and fee is returned in case of surplus. 「Cancellation before 60 days of the exhibition opening date : Pay 50% of the total amount of the participation fee as penalty」 「Cancellation within 60 days of the exhibition opening date : Pay 80% of the total amount of the participation fee as penalty / cancellation within 30 days : Pay 100% of the total amount of the participation fee as penalty」 Article 7 (Cancellation) 1. The Organizer may unilaterally cancel participation if the exhibitor refuses to use all or part of the assigned exhibition booth or does not pay the participation fee within the deadline, in which case the paid participation fee will not be refunded. Article 8 (Change of Exhibition) 1. If the Organizer changes, reduces or cancels the date and place of the exhibition due to unavoidable circumstances, such as a national crisis or natural disasters, it is not allowed to claim compensation related to the participation. Article 9 (Expense, risk, theft, fire in exhibition hall) 1. The exhibitor should be entirely responsible for the damage and theft of all exhibition items of the exhibitor during the exhibition period, equipment and withdrawal period. 2. Equipment and all materials in the exhibition hall should be properly treated for non-combustion in accordance with the fire safety acts. Article 10 (Supplementary regulations) 1. If necessary, the Organizer may make supplementary regulations not specified in the Participation policy, and the exhibitor should comply with them. Article 11 (Resolution of Dispute) 1. Any dispute arising between the organizer and the exhibitor regarding the interpretation of this Participation policy and any other rights or obligations of both parties should be subject to arbitration and determination by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and can’t be brought before the court.

Privacy policy

1. General rules The Privacy Policy of ‘Reed Exhibitions Korea Limited’ (hereinafter the ‘the company’) refers to the privacy guidelines that the company should follow in order to protect the rights and interests of users who use the service so that users can receive the service with confidence. Member information is protected in accordance with a thorough security policy and is thoroughly protected. In order to guarantee the freedom of communication and use in the information society, the company specify the following privacy policy. Privacy policies can be changed according to changes in government laws and guidelines and policy changes. Please check frequently when you visit the the Home∙Table Deco Fair website. The company considers that the users agreed to the collection of personal information by clicking [agree] button in the “consent” procedures for the contents of the privacy policy.